IMOB23 – 2nd International Meeting on Optical Biosensors

23-25 August 2023, Uppsala, Sweden

IMOB23 - A Marcus Wallenberg symposium


The program consists of a mix of longer and shorter talks in thematic sessions. Some of the short talks will be selected from submitted abstracts. There will also be poster sessions.

Day 1, Aug 23


11.00                  Registration opens, poster mounting

12.00                  Lunch

13.00                  Welcome address: Anders Tengholm, Olof Idevall-Hagren


Keynote lecture  Chair: Anders Tengholm

13.10                   Tobias Meyer Polarization of signaling in directed cell migration


Session 1: Development in fluorescent proteins and labels

Chair: Oliver Griesbeck

13.50   Kai Johnsson Recording physiological history of cells with chemical labeling

14.20   Lina El Hajji Engineering near-infrared fluorescent chemogenetic reporters for imaging and sensing processes in living cells and organisms (O1)

14.35   Short break

14.50   Dorus Gadella New brilliant red fluorescent proteins developed from mScarlet

15.20   Helen Farrants Near-infrared chemigenetic calcium indicators for functional imaging in living animals (O2)


15.35    Coffee break


Session 2: Visualizing processes in living cells, tissues and organs

Chairs: Juan Llopis and Mary Teruel

16.30    Gary Yellen Watching metabolism happen in living cells and tissues, with quantitative tools

17.00    Kjetil Andressen Spatial signalling of natriuretic peptides regulating cardiomyocyte contractility and apoptosis revealed by high affinity biosensors for cGMP

17.20   Bart Jongbloets Visualizing neuromodulator-mediated PKA dynamics in hippocampal inhibitory neurons (O3)

17.35    Peter Dedecker Light-responsive probes and biosensors for more informative         imaging


18.05    Short break

18.25    Tommaso Patriarchi Next-generation genetically-encoded indicators for neuromodulators

18.45    Sandrine Pouvreau Spatial analysis of mitochondrial function in astrocytes using lattice light sheet microscopy (o4)

19.00   Mia Phillipson Fates and functions of macrophages during tissue restoration following injury

19.20   Yumi Konagaya (Ida) A state of partial Rb-E2F activation safeguards proliferation commitment (o5)


19:35    Mingle dinner and posters


21:30     End of day 1


Day 2, Aug 24


Keynote lecture Chair: Franck Riquet

09.00      Jin Zhang  Illuminating the biochemical activity architecture of the cell


Session 3: Optical manipulation of cell behavior

Chairs: Sebastian Barg and Ilaria Testa

09.40      Andreas Möglich Light-dependent Control of RNA Activity

10.10       Tatsuki Tsuruoka Optogenetic control of p53 signaling pathway (O6)

10.25       Onur Dagliyan Engineered control of protein activity in living cells and animals

10.45       Pierre Vincent Biosensor imaging to reveal the specificities of cAMP/PKA signal integration in the striatum (O7)


11.00        Coffee break


11.30       Dagmar Wachten Shedding light on ciliary signaling and function

12.00      Dejan Kovacevic Visualization and analysis of extracellular ATP on primary T cells (O8)

 12.15      Anton Sabantsev Spatiotemporally controlled generation of NTPs as a versatile tool for single-molecule studies

12.35       Mary Teruel Activation and delayed inactivation of ERK and CDK coordinates the adipogenesis program (O9)


12:50      Lunch and posters


Session 4: Fluorescence imaging for drug discovery

Chair: Olof Idevall

 14.10      May Morris Fluorescent peptide and protein biosensors for probing and targeting kinases in cancer: applications for diagnostics and drug discovery

 14.40      Michael Courtney Optical biosensor-based single-cell dynamic phenotyping reveals rare responses and clarifies mechanisms of off-target drug effects (O10)

 14.55      Olov Andersson             In vivo drug discovery for pancreatic b-cell regeneration in zebrafish

 15.15       Juan Llopis Calcium physiology and pathophysiology in the heart of zebrafish larvae with ratiometric biosensors (O11)

15.30       Kees Jalink Pooled dynamic FLIM screening identifies novel signaling pathway in mechanosensitivity (O12)


15:45-      Coffee and posters



18:30       Group photo and dinner at the Botanical Garden


Day 3, Aug 25


Session 5: New developments in imaging methodology and image analysis

Chair: Kees Jalink

09.00       Liangyi Chen Quantitative, holistic, and general superresolution live-cell imaging: from structured illumination microscopy to the sparse deconvolution algorithm

09.30       Ilaria Testa Dynamics of proteins at the nanoscale enabled by reversibly protein photo-switching: from RESOLFT to STARSS

10:00       Coffee break

10:30       Carolina Wählby Image analysis and AI in microscopy-based life science research

11:00       Hana Valenta Per-pixel unmixing of spectrally overlapping fluorophores (O13)


Keynote lecture Chair: Anders Tengholm

11.15        Carsten Schultz  FRET-based sensors for measuring mono- and poly-ADP ribosylation in intact cells


12:00      End of meeting, lunch and farewell


With contribution from

wenner-gren foundations
marcus wallenberg foundation


With contribution from

wenner-gren foundations

marcus wallenberg foundation


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